Thursday, March 26, 2009

What do Jaime Pressly and I have in common?

Beauty? Talent? Fame?

Nope just this

Another thing we don't have in common ... Jaime escaped!!!

Jaime's book is the buzz around town. I hear names are changed, but anyone from Ktown will know the cast.

All the Pressly talk brought to my mind the day before my high school graduation when Jaime's grandma gave me a very scary haircut. I started that day with really long hair. Impulsively I took myself to the community college for a trim. Mrs. Pressly told me I needed the newest look. Lots of layers in lots of thick curly hair = disaster!!!! Two salons and two haircuts later I had the Mia Farrow look (scalped). I had to put a dart in my graduation cap to keep it on my now ....much smaller head.

Thanks for the memories Jaime.....Ktown loves you

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lesthook said...

My ex-landlady lives in Kinston too!