Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa is coming

Santa is coming but will I be ready? I got the binding on the king size batik quilt last night but not sure I will have it sewn down by Christmas. I have to finish my snowman quilt too. I want to make a lovey quilt for the new granddaughter that should arrive in a bit over a month. I need to make one more tabletopper. Yikes I may have to pull an all nighter one night. Are you ready for Christmas? It's coming .... ready or not!
My youngest,all sweet and innocent 20 years ago.


Stray Stitches said...

I think I'm pretty much ready - just a little more cooking to do.

Lisa said...

Don't you just love thos old photos of the kids! They are a riot. I am pretty much done with shopping, making things and cleaning. Just have to grocery shop and do the food. The masses arrive tomorrow evening for 6 days! Yikes, that's alot of cooking . . . but I love it! Merry Christmas, hope you get your quilt done.