Monday, November 29, 2010

design wall Monday

Yep the boy and his dog are still here. Molly is hyper and wants in on all the action! The boy is messy and a bottomless pit! I am getting a bit more used to sharing the house. I'll be pin basting this jelly roll quilt today.

I want to get another Christmas quilt made this week. I have several panels but not much variety left in the other fabrics. I'm thinking of just randomly bordering the panel in 2 1/2" strips this time.
First border added to the bento box. I used the side of my refrigerator to hang it. Resourceful huh????
I'm linking to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday


QuiltSwissy said...

We had the grand-dog for 4 days. He went home yesterday but we took all three dogs to get santa photos first.

Love the panel, cold noses!


Chris said...

Never thought of using my refrigerator! Great idea.

AnnieO said...

A Design Fridge! That's resourceful, LOL! I like the green border lots.

I just went through some of your recent posts and you have been busy. Jessalyn is a cutie.

Sue said...

Love your quilts! My fridge has been used for photos, but I like your idea! I don't have any other design wall:)

Jo said...

A design frig is a cute idea..hubby would never go for it though. He thinks refrigerator magnets should be outlawed.

Charlene S said...

DGS and DGP are always hyper and messy but that is why we love when they come and love when they go until we begin to miss them. I love the cold nose piece.