Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blind as a please

Blind as a bat without my eyeglasses.....been wearing them for 50+ years.....almost my whole life. I've had progressive lenses for about 10 years .... I can read and work on the computer and do almost everything fine....except....hand sewing!  My eye doctor assured me my new glasses would cure that problem....he was wrong! I'm trying to work on a sampler for grandbaby and there is no position where I can see clearly and sew.  I have eyestrain this morning from looking under my glasses to stitch last night. I know there has to be a remedy for this ..... please share.


Sue said...

I don't know what I can share with you except frustrations with my own eye sight.

I have the progressive lenses on my glasses too and they don't help at all. I have better luck with my hand work with reading glasses than I do the bi-focal of my regular glass lenses. I can take them off and hold thing out....just right...before I can see anything!
I have seen some quilters use their glasses along with a magnifier on their light? I wonder if that would help or maybe not at all.
I would love to know myself:/

I feel your frustrations.

Barb said...

Oh.....I wear glasses also but work on the computer, sew and do hand work without them.

Good luck and let me know if you find a solution.

Staci said...

I'll be watching to see if someone has a good answer. I can't see to do handwork unless I take off my glasses, then I can't see anything else. And now that middle age vision is starting to kick in on top of my extreme nearsightedness, I'm struggling to see anything at all, up close or further out! It is for the birds!

Linda said...

Maybe you should go back to the doctor and ask him? I wear bi-focals and that's working pretty well. I'm thinking of getting a hands free magnifying glass to do some of the hand work as it's getting hard to see it.

Roberta said...

I would recommend that you use a good light such as an Ott light when trying to do hand sewing. I find it makes a big difference. I am having a vision problem as well and this was the first recommendation I received from my Doctor

millie said...

i was going to recommend an ott light as well. I cannot believe the difference this light makes for me; it is really powerful and I bet would help you a lot.
Do you have a "Tuesday Morning" store near you? I got a full size Ott floor lamp there for only $50.

Katie said...

How timely. I was at the eye doctor this morning. I had lasik surgery years ago as I was very nearsighted. It was mostly great. I'm 20-25. Good enough.

My progressives have worked well but they are frustrating at times. I'm going to get a pair of "computer" glasses for close and middle distance. If I get really frustrated I may get just a pair of reading glasses. Sadly I can't use the cheap ones from the pharmacy. Sigh. Today they told me that it doesn't matter how large the lens is, in any progressive (regular or computer) the close or reading part is the same size....very small. The other option of course is bi-focals. I tried them once and didn't like them. So we'll see!

Oh. I bought a Mighty Bright floor standing lighted magnifier and it's great. Best price was mail order on sale from Joann's when they had free shipping. I have Ott lights too.

Cheryl said...

Try pushing your glasses down your nose until you can see. Bi focals have that line in the lens and you may find that more