Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Finishes

I started this quilt for Jesslyn before she was born 10/08/09. I finished it the day before her sister was born 2/08/11. In my defense I had made Jesslyn two other quilts. When I realized her mama was claiming this quilt for the new baby, I found a pack of sleepytime charms in the stash and quickly whipped up this lavender quilt for baby Anaston.
My oldest daughter informed me that JoAnna now 13 never got a baby quilt from me. Yikes what's a Mimi to do? I am finishing up her baby quilt today. I told Jo she could save it for her babies and pretend she got it when she was born :_)
My beautiful Jo,modeling quilts for Mimi.
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wackywoman said...

I'm sure I have scared some of my children with unfinished quilts. Sigh...........

Impera_Magna said...

Good for you for finishing one quilt and making an entirely new quilt! Good job!

Birdie said...

You have inspired me to finish my second son's baby quilt...I just had my hands too full then to finish...hopefully I'll have it done before he finishes High School ;) Lovely quilts, thanks for sharing!!