Saturday, February 19, 2011


I decided to go with this block for my quilt challenge....20 blocks with 11 pieces. I think I'll sash these with some  
narrow...teetiny.....sashes from a solid. Can't decide on that color yet. These blocks will be the center of a queen size quilt. I plan on making lots of crazy borders. I got frustrated making these this morning but then decided to heck with it....who cared about matching seams...thus the sashing. I had fun when I stopped stressing about perfection.

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Thanks for stopping by :_)


wackywoman said...

Oh I really like this.

Anonymous said...

Even though it's a bit 'wonky' there is something very appealing about how those squares are coming together....really like the colors, too. Cozy! Thanks for sharing !-) Doreen

Micki said...

The combination of colors is stunning.