Friday, April 8, 2011

Zig and zag and dumbing down

It's finally off the design wall and ready for quilting. I used crazymom's zigzag tutorial and it was so easy. I'm trying to decide on borders. I would love for it to be a little larger but don't want to ruin the zigzag look.

I've read all the blog posts about "dumbing down quilting" and I suppose this is one the quilts that drives those gals nuts. Do I care what they think??? NOT ONE BIT! Will I ever make the Civil War Sampler again.....probably not. Will I make a zigzag quilt again? I've already picked the fabrics for the next one.

I don't really understand the need to be ugly,if you don't like a blog move along.

Hope y'all have a happy quilty weekend :_)

Anna, peacefully piecing


Impera_Magna said...

Love your zigzag quilt... it turned out very nicely!

Lisa said...

yeah don't listen to those "dumbing down girls" what the heck! They can do what they want, and we can do what we want. I think your zig zag came out great! Can't wait to see your next one

Cherry Red Quilter said...

I love your zig zag quilt - and re the argument about dumbing down, it is just so unnecessary. There is enough room in the world for everyone to create what they want and I kind of suspect if the "dumb" quilts weren't being made there wouldn't be enough of a market to enable the shops to stock the ranges of fabric that they do! Live and Let Live. And be happy stitching!

wackywoman said...

Oh my gosh. Left them get a life. The new simple modern movement is fresh and fun. And, it keeps our young people interested in quilts. I'm glad you posted about this. I may do a similar one soon.